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Difference Of Green Coffee GCA And Svetol

Green Coffee GCA Vs. Green Coffee Svetol

Green Coffee Bean Extract has become a very popular diet supplement which has helped thousands of people reach their weight loss goals. Dr. Oz has been a huge promoter of this supplement and often advises his viewers on what to look for in purchasing their Green Coffee Bean Extract.  Dr. Oz suggests getting a pure product with no fillers, binders or blends.  Look for products that are made in the USA in an FDA Registered lab which is also GMP certified.  The recommended dose is 800mg per capsule with 50% Chlorogenic Acid. Dr. Oz recommends finding a product with GCA or Svetol.

Green Coffee GCA stands for Green Coffee Antioxidant. It is a brand name and any product containing GCA is guaranteed to have 50% Chlorogenic Acid. Svetol is also a brand name which confirms the amount of Chlorogenic Acid, however the Svetol comes from several different types of coffee Beans.  Products containing Svetol is made from the Robusta Green Coffee Bean, rather than the Arabica Green Coffee Bean.  Svetol is said to help your body store fewer calories, and forces your body to burn fat and use it as energy. Svetol is considered a brand name of Green Coffee where as Green Coffee GCA is more of a generic brand.

Green Coffee GCA And Svetol Conclusion

Both Green Coffee Bean Extracts (with GCA and Svetol) offer the same average weight loss of 10 lbs in 30 to 45 days.  Some dieters lose faster than this without changing diet or exercise, however you will increase your results if you combine Green Coffee Bean Extract with a sensible, balanced diet and some form of exercise. Both the Green Coffee GCA and Svetol are great products as long as they contain no additional ingredients, fillers, binders or blends and contain 800mg per capsule.

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