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Green Coffee Diet

Green Coffee Diet Weight Loss Maximizers

Not Losing Weight On the Green Coffee Diet

The green coffee diet is not some miracle supplement that will melt away the unwanted fat over night. It will not work by itself; you have to start making the changes in your diet and exercise for it to work effectively. The most important thing is your diet. You do have to make the conscious change in your diet and eating habits. There is no way you can continue to eat greasy fried fatty fast food, having larger servings than what you should be in-taking and the way that restaurants serve carbs on top of carbs and expect this little capsule to do all the work.

You do not have to go on an insanely strict diet or hit the gym every night for hours, it’s all a matter of consistency, paying attention to the foods you are putting in your body, and trying to incorporate some light activity. Being consistent with your diet will result in a change of habit of the types of foods you will eat and start to crave. When it comes to deciding what to eat, fresh is best. Try looking at some of our green coffee bean extract recipes. Fresh fruits, veggies, proteins, and juices for the most part will provide your body with the nutrients it needs to keep burning the stored fat effectively when doing the green coffee diet. If you were to incorporate a light activity such as a walk, swim or even yoga can increase the weight loss results.

Green Coffee Diet Tips

When doing the green coffee diet it is important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.  Drinking a full glass of water is a great way to curb food cravings and help tide you over. You want to eliminate refined carbohydrates such as breads, pastas, and cereals and replace them with good complex carbohydrates such as legumes, vegetables, nuts and seeds. One of biggest suggestions we can give is to make sure you are getting plenty of good proteins, remember fresh is best! The richest sources of proteins come from, eggs, dairy, meat and fish. Good secondary sources include nuts, seeds, legumes, nut butters, soy and tofu

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