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What Dr. Oz Forgot to Say About Green Coffee

Dr Oz is responsible to introducing thousands of his followers to Green Coffee Bean Extract.  A remarkable weight loss supplement that prevents your body from absorbing sugars found in foods and increases metabolism.  He is very insistent that you find a high quality product.  He advises you find Green Coffee Bean Extract that contains 800mg per capsule, is 50% chlorogenic Acid. Watch to ensure that your Green Coffee Bean Extract contains no additional fillers or binders and that it is made in the USA in an FDA regulated lab.  However there are a few things that Dr. Oz failed to mention when discussing Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Increase Weight Loss With Green Coffee

Although Green Coffee Bean extract can be used without combining with diet and exercise, you will experience better results if you do combine it with a whole foods diet.  The best diet to do when dieting with Green Coffee Bean extract is a diet consisting of mostly grass-fed meats, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish and nuts.  Try to avoid lots of dairy products, potatoes, refined sugars etc… to ensure your best weight loss.  It is also recommended to combine Green Coffee Bean Extract with with another multivitamin or trace mineral supplement because chlorogenic acid can deprive your body of iron which helps your blood cells provide enough oxygen to your body, zinc which helps your white blood cells and can assist your body in fighting off infections, as well as magnesium which helps your body metabolize proteins, fats and carbs. Taking a supplement will ensure that you are getting all the minerals your body requires while dieting with Green Coffee Bean Extract to ensure your remain healthy while losing weight.

Green Coffee Bean extract can also have a positive affect on your blood pressure, so it is always recommended to consult your physician prior to starting any weight loss supplement especially if you have any medical concerns such as high blood pressure to ensure it is not only appropriate for you but also so your physician can monitor you throughout. Since Green Coffee Bean Extract can lower blood pressure you will need to adjust or even discontinue your blood pressure medication so you don’t take medication you do not need.

Avoid The Following With Green Coffee

One more thing that is important when ordering Green Coffee Bean Extract is to avoid companies who meet all Dr. Oz recommendations but enroll you in automatic renewal programs. Many companies continue to send you product that you may not need or want and charge your card $80 to $100 monthly.  Watch out for companies that offer “free” trials but charge for shipping. These companies often continue to send you additional product after receiving your credit card information in order to process the shipping payment.  Also ensure the company is easy to contact. Even if you plan to order online, look for a number to customer service and call in to see how easy it is to talk to a live person.  Many companies that enroll you in automatic renewal programs are very difficult to reach in order to cancel additional orders.  And always look to ensure that there is a simple return policy, a good quality product should have a no-hassle return policy because you should not want to return it if it works.

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