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How Does Green Coffee Work

How Does the Green Coffee Diet Work

Where to the Effect of Green Coffee Come From?

The enzymes in green coffee are what give the ever popular effects. Believe it or not, but it is not the caffeine that helps with the weight loss, it is chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic Acid works by inhibiting the release of glucose in the body while at the same time boosting the metabolism or the “burning” of fat in the body. These two components combined work together to reduce the absorption of fat and eliminate weight gain.

Does Green Coffee Do the Same Thing as Normal Coffee?

You might wonder if you can get the same effects from the coffee you drink with breakfast in the morning – and the answer is no.  When you roast coffee beans to give them that distinct color, aroma and flavor, you are also removing the Chlorogenic Acid, which is the key to healthy weight loss. Green Coffee Beans, just the opposite, are unroasted, have little aroma, are bitter, and contain high amounts of Chlorogenic Acids.  Roasting Coffee Beans destroys the Cholorgenic Acid, which is the key component to supporting weight management.

Green Coffee Summary

The caffeine found in the green coffee bean is very little; you get 20 grams of caffeine, which is equal to 1/5 a cup of coffee. The caffeine occurs naturally in the bean and is magnified by the roasting. Green Coffee Bean is not a stimulant; it doesn’t make you jittery and anxious and raise your heart rate like roasted coffee or stimulants in other diet supplements.  In fact, the Green Coffee Bean has actually shown in some studies to lower blood pressure – while still boosting metabolism! An all natural option is always better for you and your body but it is wise to consult your physician prior to any weight loss.

Have you tried the Green Coffee diet?

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